Where’s My Water? – Review

where's my water reviewI am a big fan of puzzle games. I have always enjoyed playing games that have a physics based puzzle in them. The game that I am reviewing today also packs a lot of puzzle action and has 140 brain tingling levels.
Where’s My Water? by Disney is a fun-filled puzzle game based on an alligator known as “Swampy” and his habit of cleanliness. Swampy lives in sewers and loves to take hot, steamy showers but his other “not-so-clean” alligator friends have destroyed water pipes. So, in order to help Swampy get water for his shower, you must direct the flow of water to his Bath by removing the obstacles in the way.


The gameplay is noob-friendly and easy to understand. You have to guide the flow of water through the dirt and to Swampy’s bathroom. Water in the game has life-like physics. I personally think that the first 40 levels are pretty easy and you will have no problems in completing them. After the first 40 levels, things will start getting serious and you will have to act quickly and carefully to complete these tricky challenges.

There are different obstacles that you will have to either remove or ignore [depends on the level] in order to complete the level. Obstacles include Green Algae, that grows when comes in contact with water and blocks it from going any further, Purple Acid, that mixes with water and intoxicates it and finally, Green Acid that eats away dirt and also intoxicates your water.

You have to collect Rubber Ducks in order to unlock new worlds and levels [All acids kill your ducks as well]. You can also unlock different achievements and collect hidden collectibles. Facebook and Twitter are also integrated in the game but it does not sport any Online Leaderboards.

Your score is based on how much time you take to complete the level, number of rubber ducks you have collected and the overflow of water. Don’t forget to collect all three ducks at each level because that is how you can unlock new worlds. The game has 7 worlds and each world consists 20 levels. So, it has total of 140 puzzle-filled levels and more to come.


There are no complicated controls to talk about. All you have to do is swipe your finger through the dirt to remove it and make way for the water. You will have to be very careful when swiping because you don’t want to make a wrong passage that leads to obstacles or waste your water by letting it drain it through the side of the screen.
Sometimes you will have to create narrow passages, so use tip of the nail to create narrow passages and guide the water through them.


Where’s My Water? boasts real cute graphics. It has some really nice cartoon animations. Swampy himself looks cute and responds to your touches. The water looks nice and splashes around the levels smoothly. If you touch Swampy in a level, you will notice that he performs many different actions like sometimes he will hide behind a curtain [That will also unlock “Embarrassment” Achievement], he will also act angry sometimes etc.


The game has pretty decent audio. The sound effects are cute and fit the game perfectly. Background music has a nice childish touch to it. Usually I mute the music in most of the games but I really enjoyed listening to the music in this game while figuring out the levels.


In the end, I would like to add that Where’s My Water? is a highly enjoyable game. It keeps you engaged on the go. If you feel the need for some quick puzzle action then this is the right game for you. If you don’t believe me then you can always try out the LITE version before purchasing the whole game.

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