How To Watch Anime on the Crunchyroll app for Android Without Ads For Free

While watching some anime today using the Crunchyroll application on my Android device, I encountered a way that you can disable those annoying advertisements without having to waste money on premium membership monthly. After using the method, the ads from the video are automatically skipped like if you were using the AdBlock plug-in on your Windows XP/Vista/7 computer’s web browser while viewing videos on their official website. To be honest, I discovered this method by mistake. I have tested it out several times and it worked successfully every time. I used the Nexus 7 and a Wi-Fi connection so be sure to note that.

Note : this guide is only for information purposes. I do not recommend taking advantage of this method every time that you wish to stream anime online over the Crunchyroll application. Another thing is, you should support Crunchyroll if you have the money because they are offering you a free service with thousands of anime episodes that anyone can access over the Internet.

Requirements for this to work :

  • You must connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi using your Android device.
  • The Steam PC program (it’s free to download and 100% safe – PC gamers use it most of the time).
  • [not 100% sure] possibility not the highest speed Internet.

The first and only time I tested this method, I used Steam. Steam was automatically updating my copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for PC, so I decided to watch some anime online Via the Crunchyroll application until the download finished. More information about why you need it will be explained below.

How to watch anime on the Crunchyroll app for Android without advertisements, as a non-premium member? :

  1. Boot up your Android powered device.
  2. Install Steam on your computer (1.5 MB) if you do not already have it installed.
  3. Download or upgrade a free/paid game from the Steam marketplace.
  4. While the download is taking place, proceed to step 5.
  5. Open the Crunchyroll app and select “anime”.
  6. Choose which anime you wish to watch from the thousands of episodes.

That’s it. You should not see any advertisements when using the Crunchyroll Android app while a game download/update is taking place. Do note, you can try an alternative to step 2 which involves installing Steam on your computer (I have not tested an alternative, by the way). Some people might be iffy when it comes to downloading a program on their PC so it might be worth trying this method when you discover a large file that you trust to download over the Internet.

My Internet is not the best. It does load web pages quickly while multiple users are connected to Wi-Fi, however while a large download is taking place and you’re trying to view video content Via online streaming, you might notice some unwanted pauses during the video streaming. I normally wait for the video to buffer, and finally enjoy the contents. It’s just a tip if you wish to use this method without being annoyed by the unwanted pauses during the video streaming.

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