Vine for Android updated, brings partial support for Gingerbread


Vine, the famous 6-seconds video sharing platform has received a latest update on Android. The new Update brings a couple of new features including the support for older Gingerbread devices. Yes, Gingerbread users can now download the Vine app via Google Play, however, there’s a catch. Gingerbread users can download the app and view as many videos as they like but they can not upload there videos.

This leaves us wondering why did they make it available if the most important feature has been left out. I know some hardware/software limitations may have affected the ability to upload videos but I’m also sure there must be a couple of workarounds. Hopefully, Gingerbread users will see a future update that allows them to upload videos. Although, I’d suggest moving on to a latest iteration of Android because lets face it, Gingerbread is way too old.


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Dilawer Soomro is a Computer Science major and a mediocre Android developer. He is a hardcore Android fan with a knack for Samsung devices. He can be described in two words that sum-up his whole personality "Apple Sucks".