Nightmares From The Deep Android Game Review

Nightmares From The Deep is a free story-based role playing Android game developed by G5 Entertainment. In the game, you play as a museum owner chasing an undead pirate that kidnaps your daughter. Before playing the game, you can choose to play in regular mode or expert mode.

What are the differences between regular mode and expert mode in Nightmare from the Deep?

Regular Mode :

  • There is no penalty if you select the wrong item when searching for hidden objects.
  • The hint and skip buttons recharge faster than in expert mode.
  • Active zones will glimmer more frequently than in expert mode.
  • Locations with an available action will be indicated on the map.

Expert Mode :

  • There is a penalty if you select the wrong item when searching for hidden objects.
  • The hint and skip buttons recharge slower when comparing the time to regular mode.
  • Active zones will not be indicated.
  • Locations with an available action will not be indicated on the map except for hidden object scenes.

Nightmares From The Deep Gameplay for Android

Below you can view the app details to download and install the game on your Android device.

Android App Details :

What I disliked about the Nightmares from the Deep game : 

The game is fun and the story is great, however there are still a few things that I dislike about the game. One is when the player has to clear an entrance in the game. The objective is to pack the scattered items on the floor that blocked the door to advance further into the game. Instead of having to pack all of the items in any spot that they would have fit, the real objective is to pack them in their correct locations. Even if you successfully pack every item into their storage containers, if it’s not the correct one and no items remain on the floor, you’re still unable to pass through the door.

Another reason is at the end of the game. I wouldn’t call it the end of the full game, but the end of its free version. This is a fault on my part since I did not read the entire description of the application Via the Play Store. I thought the game was free, however after downloading the free version and playing for a couple of minutes, you will soon figure out that you have to purchase the full version of the game to continue playing (that is, if you did not scroll down and read all of the contents from the Play Store).

Is Nightmares from the Deep Worth Purchasing? : 

If you enjoyed what the free portion of the game had to offer, then the game will definitely be worth the purchase. As for me, “do it yourself” story-based games do not interest me much, hence the reason why I passed on purchasing the full version of the game. Controls are easy to use, the in-game tutorials are really helpful and voices are actually clear, however one thing that annoyed me was when I accidentally brought up the Google Search app on my Nexus 7 tablet instead of opening up the game’s in-game inventory by touching the bottom of the screen.

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