How To Use Your Android Device As Mouse for Your PC/Mac

Using your Android device for entertainment is fun but using it for productivity is even better with certain apps. A new WiFi mouse app converts your android device to a mouse for your PC/Mac. You can now actually use your android device to control your computer. This is pretty much same as Xbox Smartglass app that allows you to control your Xbox 360 via your Android device.
The app doesn’t only come with simple mouse gestures but there are more advanced features included as well like Speech-to-Text that will let you dictate to the app in order to type on the connected machine. Multi-touch trackpad also comes in handy for Windows 8 users or OS X Mountain Lion users.
All standard features of a mouse are there like left and right click, middle scroll button and you can also use it as a keyboard to input data on the connected device. To make this work on your computer you will have to download a client on your PC/Mac first and then install the app on your Android to start using it as an accessory to your machine. There are 2 versions of the app, Trial and Paid. So, try it out before you pay anything and see if it suits you or not.

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