How To Make A Smartphone Look Like Stock Android Without Rooting

The new generation of technology is the era of Android. They may be either products of the Galaxy series by Samsung or HTC One by HTC. Although the Android is the new big thing, due to its advancement and specification customers are not able to experience utmost satisfaction because of its modification procedure over Android that makes this technology fall with a thud. The problem can be easily solved by the use of either flashing out from custom ROM or rooting but in both the cases the solution is yet a distant path. The developers hard work and dedication have finally come up with a remarkable strategy that proceeds in the form of keyboards, launchers, icon and various other apps that finally let the consumer experience the road to achieve Vanilla Android without rooting procedure on Smartphone gadgets.


Various Launchers are available in the market which can help you to achieve the feeling of Stock Android on your phone. Those Launchers worthy of mentioning are Holo Launcher HD, Nova Launcher and Apex Launder. One of the most superior of the Launchers is the Nova Launcher which is basically a free download but if paid for its prime version, this app provides you the access to few other features as well. With the help of this launcher you can add it in your Smartphone as a default launcher by proceeding on the setting of the Nova launcher.

Locking Screen with Ease on Android:

The in-built custom lock option prevailing on an Android often becomes a confusing thing which not only is unreliable but also gets filled by bugs. Though there is a provision to fix the problem there are only a few apps which can cater to the solution. The new version of Lock screen which can be availed are Go and Holo locker apps. Holo locker plus is an app that provides for a both locker and themed wallpaper supported by Jelly Bean. To avail the app one needs to pay for the full version. If the customers are not willing to shell their pocket, an alternative app is the Go Locker app which can be added on by a theme app precisely Jelly Bean.

Experience Vanilla Android with the help of Wallpapers and Keyboards:

To experience the best Vanilla Android in your phone, wallpaper and a new keyboard becomes a must. The wallpapers that can be easily accessed in the Play Store are Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean wallpaper. The last thing required for the procedure is the use of keyboard which can be of any type as long as you are comfortable with it.

Complete the Procedure and Experience Awesome Experience on Your Gadget:

The procedure stated above might just take a few minutes before you start experiencing the thrilling and amazing Vanilla Android on any of your devices as long as it supports the Android version. For individuals who would desire to get some makeshift from the Android version, one can opt for the Star Icon pack.

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