How To Install Android Apps From A Computer

It is important to have the knowledge of how to install an Android app from a computer, if the application is no longer available at Google Play (the Android marketplace). With a simple backup copy of the app, it makes it possible to use the application on an Android phone or tablet without having to access the Play Store. This tutorial will explain a step by step process about how to install an Android application from a computer, to the Android powered device.

Benefits :

  • Quick access to apps – saves you time from downloading 1 GB size files from Google Play. 
  • Access to the app if the developer decides to delete it from Google Play.

How To Install Android Apps From A Computer 

Step 1 : The first thing to do is find a good file manager application for the Android device. Therefore, head over to Google Play and seek one out if you do not already have one. I use AndroZip File Manager, a free file managing application from AgileSoft Resource.

Step 2 : Connect the Android smartphone or tablet to the computer Via USB. Find and copy the .apk file from the computer to the Android device (eg. copy/paste – you can use the “download” folder for pasting the .apk file). After, disconnect the device from the computer and confirm that the file was successfully transferred using a file manager application.

Step 3 : Open up the file manager application on the Android device if you have not done so already. Search for the .apk file in the location that you sent it. After finding its location, click it and the installation process should begin. The app should appear on the device’s home screen like a regular app that was just downloaded from Google Play.


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