How to Get Free 23GB Storage Space on Dropbox

Do you want free 23GB storage space on your Dropbox account? If so then follow the below given steps to claim your free storage space.

The forthcoming HTC One series will be getting free Dropbox with 25GB of free storage space. A valued member [theos0o] from XDA-Developers has pulled out that Dropbox app and made it installable on all android phones, thus giving you free 23GB storage space.

Requirements: Android Phone/Tablet, Dropbox-APK.

This is not some kind of promotional offer that will provide you some extra space but you will have to manually install the new Dropbox-APK on your phone to claim free storage.

Now, If you think this is some kind of cheap trick or malware then here is some proof from my account.
DropBox Free 23 GB Space

How To Install Dropbox-APK

If you have never installed an APK file manually on your phone then follow the steps below.

– Download Dropbox-APK
– Uninstall Dropbox, if you already have it on your phone
– Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings to Install non-Market [Non-Play Store] apps
– Open the Dropbox-APK, and let it install
– You are done Dropbox is installed on your phone and you have extra 23GB storage space

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Enjoy your free space.

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