How To Fix Nexus 7 Screen Flickering White And Not Starting Up

Several days ago, I tried to turn on my Nexus 7 after weeks without use and charging. Of course, its battery life was at 0%. I’ve been playing around with my new iPad, however, when I got bored, I turned to the Nexus 7 and to my surprised, it was not turning on. I decided to charge it and I noticed some screen flickering. After, it was not powering on. This is when I started to get a little scared.

At the end of the day, I solved the problem. This tutorial will teach you how to fix the Nexus 7 screen flickering when charging the tablet and if it’s not turning on after keeping it powered off at 0% battery life for an extended period of time.

How To Fix Nexus 7 Screen Flickering And Not Starting Up

Charge the tablet with the USB cable that came with the device

I can’t remember where I first read the information (I think it was in the Nexus 7’s booklet), however, it’s important to charge the Nexus 7 with the USB cable that came with the tablet. Double check and see if you’re using the correct USB cable before doing anything else.

Hold down the power button for 30+ seconds

Sometimes it takes a couple more seconds when holding down the tablet’s power button for the Nexus 7 to turn on. Instead of holding down the tablet’s power button multiple times for 5 or 10 seconds, try 30 seconds or more and see if it will turn on.

Of course, you should be charging the tablet if its at 0% battery life.

Leave the Nexus 7 to charge for a couple of hours before turning it on

It’s a wise idea to let the Nexus 7 charge up a bit before turning it on. You see, the battery life is at 0% and I’ve heard rumors about a flaw with the tablet’s battery, therefore, if the tablet isn’t turning on after holding down its power button for 30+ seconds, let it charge up for a while.

Repair or Battery Replacement

If not of the above worked for you, then your last option is to send the Nexus 7 for repair or a battery replacement. It’s most likely an issue with the tablet’s battery if it’s not turning on. If you’re seeing white screen flickering, you might want to send it for repair.

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