How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S6 Not Turning On

Samsung Galaxy S6. For now, the pinnacle of Samsung mobile technology. Samsung users everywhere have deemed this device worthy of the most esteemed consumers, but what to do when it won’t turn on?


Although this rarely actually happens, you’re probably here for the reason that your Galaxy S6 is frozen, seemingly indefinitely, in its natural and factory, unconscious state. While the phone may be comfortable like this, it definitely disappoints most users of the device, and so this article will inform all on how to deal with such a technological incompetence.

Please note that if your phone is not charged, or has been dormant for a long time, then similar problems may occur. It’s very recommended that you charge your phone before attempting any of these steps.

While most Samsung technical faults can be corrected by a simple restart, there are other methods of reincarnating your mobile to serve you once more. For the average glitch or failure to respond, you can restart your mobile by holding down the power button (located at the right hand side of the mobile, as the display faces you), and waiting.

One of three things will happen, here. Either:

  • A few seconds will pass, before an on-screen window prompts you to take the course of your phone’s life into your own hands. When this occurs, you simply press the right buttons (easily identifiable as ‘restart’, ‘power off’, etc.) and your phone should pop right back on.
  • A longer time will pass, and the phone will simply turn on (or off, depending on its current state).
  • Nothing will happen, and you’ll have to hold the Volume button simultaneously to nudge your phone into activity.

If you’ve tried all of these, and established already that your phone despises you as a Human, there are other things you can try, that may rekindle your once familiar relationship with your mobile phone.

Try to start at the top of the list and work your way down, as some of these are backup solutions if others fail.

  • Hold the top Volume Button, the volume button responsible for raising the volume of audio. Keep this held down, then hold the power button as well, and leave both held for a few seconds.
  • If the previous step fails, repeat it while holding the ‘Home Button’ as well as the Volume Up and Power buttons. It’s fiddly, but sometimes you just have to try every combination of button on the device to spark life into it. Phone’s are strange like that.
  • Failing this, try to swap out the Volume Up button for the Volume Down button in your methods. (This is the button responsible for decreasing the volume on your phone).
  • Finally, try holding both Volume buttons together, along with the power buttons, and if no response then introduce the Home Button too.

In popular opinion, and from experience, holding the Volume Down button works best when held with the Power Button. I would heavily advise that you try all of these steps though, and make your phone obedient once again!

Things to note: If at any point a dialogue opens while trying these fixes, you can simply turn the phone on/off by using the Power Button in standard fashion. Also, your phone may have a blinking light while the display is off, this is normal and common, and these fixes will still apply.

If your phone is still lifeless after all of this, then (in addition to being sincerely sorry for you), you should see a Samsung technician.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helped!


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