Google Analytics For Android And Why It Sucks

I have been using Google Analytics for a few years now so I decided to install the Android application on my tablet. If you are unaware as to what Google Analytics is, basically it’s a free service offered by Google to report details about a website’s traffic statistics to the webmaster/marketer. The service provides the website owner with details such as where traffic comes from (for example – referral traffic, direct traffic and search engine traffic). In addition to this, the tool also provides the website owner with non-identifying information about the visitor (for example – web browser used to visit the site, location, etc) and what web pages they visited.

Why Google Analytics For Android Sucks?

Let’s make this simple as possible. The reason why I dislike the Google Analytics application for Android is due to the lack of information it provides, unlike what the website offers. The website will provide you with much more information like I said above, however the app only provides you with graphs and what I assume as inaccurate data about how many visitors are currently viewing web pages of your website in real-time.

Google Analytics Android App - Real Time Statistics
An important feature that I miss is the ability to see where the website’s traffic comes from. I normally checkup on my Google Analytics to view what search terms people used to find my website from search engines, or what websites benefited my own from referral traffic. Another annoying feature of the app is its recently used list. It displays a list of websites from your account that you recently checked statistics for, with the app. Its either not user friendly, or I’m unable to find a remove button. To top things off, the application only uses the email address associated with your Android device to connect to Google Analytics. However, after the release of the Android 4.2 mobile operating system which introduced a new feature known as multiple users, this is no longer an issue besides additional seconds wasted to switch Google accounts.

Google Analytics (Android Version) App Details :

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