Android crashes more than iOS… or does it?

In the battles between Android and iOS, there have been many remarks from apple’s side that Android crashes much more than iOS. I am here to tell you that these remarks are complete trash. In fact, recent studies from Crittercism report that 28.64% of all phone crashes are coming from iOS 5.0.1. Most of the Android crashes are coming from a very old version of the Android platform. Android 2.3.3 holds the spot for the most Android crashes. The thing is, Android 2.3.3 only holds a 3.86% share in the crash reports.

According to research from Crittercism, iOS apps fail much more than Android apps.

As you can see in the above graph, Android apps crash less than the iOS apps. In the top quartile, the Android apps only crash 0.15% while iOS apps crash 0.51% of the time. That’s a pretty high rate of crashes for a company that charges so much for their products.

[via   crittercism]

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