Amazon Appstore Giving away Free $5 Store Credit

amazon appstore

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is the best Android apps and games download store if you’re looking for great deals and free apps. With a Free app each day, it has become a fierce competitor to Google Play store. However, to take it up a notch Amazon is offering a new promotion on it’s AppStore. Anyone who downloads an app or game (even a Free one) will get free $5 promotional credit to spends on future app/game or in-app purchases. Amazon Appstore will be running this promotion from Dec. 24 to Dec. 28.

Also, there will be more deals this week including a new “Free App of The Day Welcome Pack” which will include a paid note taking app, paid alarm clock, and so much more, for Free. Amazon Appstore is always running different sales and deals for Android users, so don’t forget to install it on your Android device. It comes in handy at times.


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